Our entire life is a manifest of our inner being… mind, body and soul. The body meaning the physical health has undeniably a major influence on not just how we look and but also how we think.

Studies have shown that good health is dependant primarily on what we eat. In fact it is the quality of food that determines our immunity, our body constitution and overall wellbeing, more than anything else… even exercise.

Lists of healthy superfoods are endless and we are all aware of them. But the major deterrent why we have kept away from them were….. lack of easy availability, difficult recipes and most importantly unrelishing tastes.

The above thoughts brought together a multi-award winning practicing doctor, Dr Anurag and Internationally accredited supply chain manager, Guru, (the most unlikely combination in the world!!) on the same page, and thus was born Healthful Agro Foods LLP.

Our motto in food, like in life is ‘Nature knows best’. 

The vision is to bring the best food, both in taste and health, locally and globally, available to India for the discerning customers. Backed by a combined multi- industry experience of 50 years, and having done deep research in Indian Market for the packaged food and also having traveled globally and experimented with cuisines from across the world, we are convinced that our products will bring joy to our customers who deserve the best.

Inspired with the above thoughts HAFL was imagined.





Internationally accredited Supply Chain, Logistics & operations Manager, serial entrepreneur, foodie at heart and loves listening to international music.

Total experience: 27 years



dr. Anurag gupta

National award winning doctor, passionate about health and everything related to it. Loves meeting  and helping people, possesses discerning senses for food and a great cook himself. 

Total experience: 25 years