GAAGOZ……. Going GaGa over Super foodz


In the current times when time is the most precious yet deficient commodity, our choice of food ( read quick bites a.k.a snacks) for those ‘early start, mid day and evening’ hunger pangs, can be really disastrous for our health.  It is our endevour to bring best super foods from kitchens of India and around the world, in the most tantalizing recipes and flavors, that you will never feel guilty of not eating healthy, even when you are just munching away. It is our vision to provide best recipes that -

1. 100% natural fruit or vegetable 

2. Free of Artificial chemicals & flavors

3. No added MSG

4. Low fat

5. Low or No sugar

6. Free of preservatives

7. 100% vegetarian


Our 100% natural formulations encompass…

1. Roasted puffs

2. Dried / roasted/ baked crisps

3. Multigrain mixes

4. Protein bars

5. Healthy trail mixes

6. Fruits on the Go



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